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Data consultant, founder and public speaker providing data solutions along the entire data value chain from high-level strategy to deep tech.


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Data Strategy


Public Speaker

I Build Corporate Data Solutions.

Corporate Data Strategy

I specialise in finding the right solution from data collection to processing and consumption embedded in an enterprise system landscape.

Technical Implementation

As a developer, I like to dive deep into code and implement the envisioned solutions.

Workshops and Trainings

I like to pass on experience and knowledge to my team and to others.

Presentations and Panels

I greatly enjoy to discuss and to share my views on data with a larger audience.

About Me


I hold degrees in Computer Science (B.Sc.) as well as in Business Adminstriation (M.Sc.) from French Grande École ESCP-Europe.

Data Expert

I am an expert in Digital Analytics and Business Intelligence with many years of experience in the data sector.


I founded a data consultancy firm with a strong team of more than 20 people working with renown large enterprises


I wrote my Master-Thesis on Blockchain in 2013 and the ZDF interviewed me about it.


I used to work as an App-Developer in a Startup in Rio de Janeiro.


I am the founder and organiser of the largest Meetup on Digital Analytics in Germany.

Previous Engagements

The Family Berlin

The Family Berlin

I spoke at The Family Berlin about “Understand your Users by Measuring what Matters”

Open Tech Summit

Open Tech Summit

I spoke about the integration of Web-Tracking in an Open Source CMS.

Adjust Mobile School at DMEXCO

Adjust Mobile School at DMEXCO

I spoke about mobile tracking in my talk “Beyond Tracking 101”.

Berlin Startup Night

Berlin Startup Night

Panel moderation: “Blockchain: A technology in search of a problem“

Finalist for Berlin

Finalist for Berlin

I was the finalist for Berlin at the Trakken Analytics Challenge.

Measure Camp Berlin

Measure Camp Berlin

I was co-organiser of the Measurcamp Berlin

Audi Digital Summit

Audi Digital Summit

Panelist for “Data and Autonomous Cars” and “Blockchain”

AI Expo Europe

AI Expo Europe

Panelist: “Big Data – Creating Intelligent Data Models”

Topconf Tallinn

Topconf Tallinn

I spoke about “The data-chain - how to handle your digital analytics data from creation to analysis”

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