Schrödinger's Ad

Often one of the first reports to build is the marketing report. This report puts the money spent on marketing campaigns and orders generated by marketing campaigns next to one another and allows to calculate the classical metrics like ROIs, CACs and CPOs. The first part to this equation is getting the attributed transactions – your orders and the marketing channel that lead to the order. You would typically get this from your web analytics tool e.

Digital Analytics Meetup with Michael Stein from Scout24

Today the second purely online Digital Analytics-Meetup took place, livestreamed from the Pandata-office. Our guest was Michael Stein from Scout24, who spoke about Tracking in the App World: Tag Management, Mobile Channel & Co. His talk went into the depths of server-side tag management, deep linking and attribution and also showed some of the infrastructure in use at Scout24. With 144 registrations, this event was even bigger than the last one.

Digital Innovation Podcast

Artur Schefer from the Digital Innovation Podcast invited me to share my views on innovation labs and data literacy in large organisations. We spoke about my time at Rocket Internet, whether it makes sense to invest in creating an innovation lab and how innovation makes its way back into the main organisation. (In German)

Data Intelligence for User Analytics at the Family

Understanding every movement your users make in your website or app is crucial to draw conclusions for marketing, product development and business decisions. In this talk at the Family in Berlin I spoke about how to capture and analyze these data and combine them with other data sources for maximum insight. You’ll see what’s possible with User Analytics tools and technologies and get an idea on how to get started.